my approach

My name is Nathan Westerfield and I'm a film photographer specializing in weddings all over the southeast and beyond. My goal is to bring your love of family, relationships, and meaningful time with the ones around you to all the work I create.
While I love editorial and fashion work, that's not what weddings are about for me. I'll guide you and help you look your best, but it's going to be authentically you. If there's one thing I want to capture in a wedding, it's the joy and happiness of the biggest day of your life, not copy a trend.
My aim is to record your personal story, catch the in-between moments, and make classic portraits that you can hand down to your grandchildren. These photos are some of your greatest memories and that's what I'm here for. To me, the art of photography is equally as important as recording this moment in time and preserving it.
I live just outside of Nashville with my beautiful wife and three young boys. I'm one of the few natives of this amazing city and, while I love to travel, I can't see myself being anywhere else.